Thursday, 27 October 2016

Halloween on the go..

Hello lovelies.
Here's a quick post for some last minute Halloween inspo if you don't want to go too crazy this year..

I added a glitter cut crease for drama, it looks amazing through this lace veil. Also a fluffy black jacket to add to the overall look. Very simple and no fuss. I have also linked the camera used to take these photos as i was asked a few times about it.

Ears (Topshop)  Similar here
Jacket PLT
Camera Olympus Pen



  1. That glitter cut crease though! 👌
    Yess I have this camera too it's the best for blogging on the go!

  2. Love the eye makeup that you pared with it! :)
    XO Janina

  3. You always make any look so amazing when little effort is made. Simple. But effective! Love it!! X

  4. What filter do you use on Instagram ? Thank you ! Xoxo

  5. Such a beauuuuut!!!

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  9. Beautiful !!

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