Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My hair journey..

So many of you would have followed me on my hair journey the last few months, which has involved long luscious mermaid hair withvibrant purple Ombré using Schwarzkopf LIVE, and as of present short hair with LIVE’s Bitter Sweet Chocolate shade!! 

I am asked daily by many of you guys throughout my social media about my hair, and i'm sharing my hair journey with you now by taking you through my favourite hair moments from the summer to present!

April - July'15

Whenever summer approaches i want blonde hair again, and that is what i did. Being naturally dark haired i always opt for an Ombré style as it's just a lot easier to manage with roots etc! 

This style of hair is what i call 'Comfort Hair'.. which basically means the hair will do all the work for you when it comes to outfits! It doesn't involve too much styling because long Ombré hair means you can wash and leave it and still look like a beach goddess!

July - August '15

In summer, I was lucky enough to take part in the Schwarzkopf LIVE Lookbook and TV advert campaign, this was one of the highlights this year. We created a beautiful vibrant purple Ombré using one of their shades 'Ultra Violet'.

This is something i have always wanted to do, just to be bold and daring with my colour and not keep my hair so safe all the time!
I am so happy i took myself out of my comfort zone and challenged myself!

October - Present

From October i decided to chop all my hair off and head back to the dark side using Schwarzkopf LIVE 'Bitter Sweet Chocolate',
 again short hair was something i have always been afraid of! 

I was so used to using my long hair as a comfort blanket.. but it was time to let my long hair go and i'm so glad i did! 
Short hair with LIVE’s chocolate shade is just as amazing as long hair and it gives that perfect edge to your look and your outfits!

This post has been kindly sponsored by Schwarzkopf LIVE. 



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  2. I like the first style the most!

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  6. All of them looks perfectly on you,beautiful!:)xx

  7. Your hair looks so beautiful! I love the purple hair on you, it looks beautiful! I love purple and I always get purple braids!


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