Thursday, 20 August 2015

Three ways to style River Island jeans..


I have always loved River Island jeans as the quality of their denim fits and feels a lot nicer than most high street brands.
So this week im styling up River Island jeans, three different ways!

My first look is an everyday casual look, pairing my light blue skinny jeans with an oversized purple sweater and some comfy ankle boots. I really do love my comfort and i have been living in this sweater since i got my hands on it! These classic suede boots are perfect to carry through into winter!

Sweater River Island // Jeans River Island // Boots River Island

The second look i put together is still casual but more of a dressy casual look, this little cable knit bardot top adds a touch of glamour while still feeling comfortable. I really love the detailing of this top and how it shows off your shoulders for more of a feminine feel.

 Top River Island // Jeans River Island // Boots River Island

The final look is more of a dressy look, pairing the jeans with some bold pink heels with adorable pom pom detail and this black belted kimono which i'm obsessed with, it accentuates the waist perfectly! 

Kimono River Island // Jeans River Island // Heels River Island



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