Tuesday, 14 July 2015

It’s time for a hair overhaul x Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour

It’s time for a hair re-do – and what better way to do it than by taking the lead from the people who know hair best.  I’ll be partnering with Schwarzkopf LIVE and their #LIVELookbook campaign – which will see me sporting a whole new look really soon. 

Just like many of us, I have struggled my whole life with my hair, not to mention choosing the right hair colours to complement my skin tone and style. I have kept my naturally dark hair for most of my life – until last summer when I opted for a softer Ombré look!  

Although I like my hair colour at the moment, sometimes it feels a little boring and too comfortable. I really want to add a splash of vibrancy to complement my own personal style! I want to be more daring with my hair for once and get it out of my systemI really want to create a look that’s bold yet still quite classic, while having that little unique edge to compliment my style even more.  

As you know, it can be hard picking the right colour and doing it the right way! I’m thinking maybe something along the lines of a purple Ombré, with some softer tones going through the ends to add some light and definition! I have browsed the Internet for purple hair inspiration and I came across this photo of Katy Perry - which I am obsessed with! I love how mystical it looks and hopefully I can achieve something as amazing as this!

Stay tuned to see my transformation take place and keep an eye out for some useful tips along the wayHopefully I’ll give you a little inspiration to do a little DIY hair makeover yourself.



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