Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sex And The City..

Living in London
can get hectic, im always running around like a headless chicken..
 which is why i am usually dressed down in flats and some Jeans.
 I always pick comfort for walking around the city. 

But when i am dressed up for the city it's usually like this.
 Inspired by my fav TV show Sex and the city, looking glam comfortably in a Topshop bodycon midi dress and a basic bomber but keeping the outfit chic with my nude Kurt Geiger peep toe ankle boots, probably my fav sale buy this year.

Bombers are really big this year, they add a cool touch to any outfit and i like to wear mine also with dresses (as i like my comfort) it doesn't always have to be with jeans.

Twisting up styles both feminine and edgy has always been my favourite combination.
Keeping it glam, while also having that air of edge.

Shoes KURT GEIGER // Bag HM.

Photography by Kirin Sall TUMBLR
Hair by LUXURY FOR PRINCESS code 'Yasmine' for discount


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  5. Your whole outfit is gorgeous- especially your shoes! Xx

  6. Love this outfit, you look incredible

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