Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mix and Match..

I have always wanted to collab with other bloggers and when i met Emily Cocklin one night at an event, it was like blogger love at first sight!
So we decided to set up a little collaboration, bringing something new and fresh to our blogs.
We aimed to create a theme with our styles and stick to a matching color/texture using clothing from Motel Rocks and matching fluffy shoes!!

We took to the streets of East London this afternoon and shot everything around Spitalfields Market.
Wearing matching over sized cuddly jumpers in grey/black.
I opted for high waisted black and white dogtooth trousers while Emily chose a fluffy Motel skirt!

And what better way to finish these outfits with some matching fluffy shoes! Baby pink complimented the darker tones of my outfit in a lovely soft, feminine way! Adding a twist of class and sophistication to the overall style.

Being 5'7 and Emily half my size, today was definitely a challenge with getting shots that didn't make me look like a giant! But i am very impressed at how we worked together in complimenting each others height difference! 


Textured black jumper Motel Rocks!
Dogtooth trousers Motel Rocks!
Pink fluffy sandals Missguided

Details for Emilys outfit on her Blog Here

Thank you for reading, if you would like to see more collabs with other bloggers leave a comment!

Love Yasmine x



  1. Lusting after your heels. They're gorgeous (but sadly sold out online so none for me wahhhhh lol) Xx

  2. So gorgeous!
    Love those heels
    S xx

  3. You two are so gorgeous! Love this.

    Alana | alanawise x

  4. I NEED those shoes!

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